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Philosophy / Vision / Mission

Progress needs innovation. The idea becomes an incentive. The cycle indicates the direction. Nature controls processes. We build technology for sustainability.

Because our success story at Neuson Forest is very closely associated with woods and forest, we have learned to regard nature not as an obstacle but as a living inspiration. Today we are number 1 with our tracked harvesters.

"Success with care for earth and forest due to the quality experienced and due to safety and service for efficient customer benefits and for successful, concerted action over time."

With our values, our expertise and our technology we support the fruitful and sustainable cultivation of soil and forest.


All Neuson Forest products have brand quality; they are cleverly designed, sturdily built and intended for long-term use. They are in accordance with the principles of the Neuson philosophy. Quality in all achievements // Cost effectiveness //Capacity // High-quality hydraulic systems // Skilled maintenance // Innovation //Constant evolution and comprehensive safety guarantee the manufacture and delivery of"premium machines" for use in forest technology.

The world is our market.

Our ongoing further development is focussed on bionics and on other models in nature.

The terrain characterises the style of its management. It's no coincidence that sustainability comes from  forestry. It's our technique.