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A historic moment in Korea

First tree felled with harvester in Korea!

A historic moment! This week, for the first time ever, a tree with a harvester was cut down in South Korea. The dream of a Korean forestry entrepreneur could finally be realized with a tracked harvester 133HVT from Neuson Forest.

The forests in South Korea were planted after the war and were never properly thinned. The poor infrastructure in the forest and the typical topography of Korea - extreme slopes - make the use of modern forestry machines considerably more difficult. So far, everything has been cut by hand and manipulated with mini-excavators from extreme locations - an enormous risk for all people involved. So the entrepreneur had to find a compact machine which is capable of climbing steep hills to be able to do this work by machine. Therefore, the company KFC from Korea has set out to find a solution for this very demanding work and they finally found it at Austrofoma at the Neuson Forest exhibition stand.

Almost exactly two years later, the Neuson Forest 133HVT finally arrived in Gyeonggi-do. Together with the company Leicher from Germany and the company AFM Forest from Finnalnd the machine was handed over to the customer this week. The 133HVT was equipped with a havesterhead AFM45. "A strong combination" as enthusiastically described by the KFC deployment manager, this head has enormous advantages, especially in the mixed forest, he continues. For the on-site training, a operator from Germany - Mr. Stefan Leicher managing director of the company Leicher Forst from Bavaria with more than 25.000 hours of experience in handling tracked harvesters - was brought to Korea, who had the great honor to cut the first tree (see photo). Stefan was also there when the first Harvester ever - a 182HVT - was delivered to Colombia. So a man for absolute premieres, who is an absolute professional due to his experience, especially when dealing with other people, and even if he needs to train absolute beginners like in this case.

The harvester from Neuson Forest has proven to be the ideal machine for the requirements in South Korea and everyone involved is enthusiastic about the performance of the machine. Due to the compact design and thus low transport dimensions, the machine can also be transported to very difficult areas. Mr. Won, KFC CEO, is convinced that there is no better harvester for South Korea, and he has been looking for a suitable machine worldwide. Finally it is here to improve the overall situation.

Stefan and Pauli, thank you very much for your commitment and good cooperation, without you we would not have been able to implement the project! Special thanks from the Neuson team