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Thank you for coming to Austrofoma 2019

Austrofoma 2019 – World premiere - Presentation of new machine 164HVT

What was the idea behind the development of the new machine Neuson Forest 164HVT. Our aim was to build a very compact (in regards to weight and dimensions) and powerful all-round machine. 164HVT is also the replacement machine for the old model 133HVT. The main weaknesses of the 133HVT was lack of power and in some markets overall dimensions. When it comes to dimensions we had to fulfil Japanese transportation regulations – machine not higher than 3.2 meters and not wider than 2.5 meters (optionally we offer a 2.7 meter wide undercarriage). The 133HVt used a 104KW 4 cylinder John Deere engine in combination with a 145cc pump (oil flow capacity approx..297 l/min) – 164HVT works with a 6-cylinder 154KW John Deere engine in combination with a 210cc hydraulic pump (oil flow capacities of approx.. 450l/min)

The outcome is very impressive we now can offer a very compact and powerful all-round tracked harvester with almost zero tail swing.

Boom / parallel crane:  

  • We use a highly dynamic Waratah CH610 parallel boom
  • Harvesting head options: AFM 55, Logmax 5000D, Waratah H413


Cabin / chain shot certified:

  • Front screen is chain shot certified – 21mm thick multi-layer polycarbonate front screen
  • Cabin moved forward for a better view to the right hand side.
  • New interior design and bigger cabin
  • Various Joystick options available – standard Joystick Caldaro.


New options:

  • auto levelling system for superstructure
  • tip control by Technion



  • Extra strong drive motors for climbing (traction 230 kN)
  • 2.5m or 2.7m wide undercarriage
  • Various track options available