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Anyone who has set the goal of harvesting wood in extremely rugged parts of a forest and of protecting the soil in the process must learn to listen to nature. Based on this motto Neuson Forest tracked harvesters have developed into a superior premium brand that is made in Austria for the whole world.

The Neuson Forest name guarantees technical expertise, mastery of complex hydraulic processes under the most difficult conditions and perfect service. With more than 25 years of experience we have made our machines into the highest performing and most cost-effective solutions for fully mechanised wood harvesting.

Neuson Forest tracked harvesters are machines that were developed specifically for the forest and can be used for multiple processes ranging from thinning to final felling. Our harvesters are also the best solution for poorly accessible steep and swampy landscape.

Neuson Forest: quality that's impressive

All Neuson Forest harvesters have been designed for a long service life. Thanks to quality components from well-known manufacturers they guarantee the highest degree of operating safety, reliability and a high resale value.

Also, the focus of Neuson Forest is on a long service life when it comes to maintenance: Competent dealers and expert employees make Neuson Forest a flexible partner for all forest requirements.

Advantages of Neuson harvesters:

  • tested safety cabins
  • low ground pressure
  • optimal access to maintenance
  • a sturdy, compact design and a tight tail swing
  • a standard slope compensator (tilt mechanism)
  • reinforced forest chassis and drive
  • low maintenance and operating costs
  • a long service life and high value retention of the machine