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Neuson Forest - Forstmaschinen

Neuson Forest 183HVT
  • Thinning
  • Soft soils
  • Wet areas
  • Energy wood harvesting
  • Steep slopes
  • Final felling

Neuson Forest 183 HVT

The all-round harvester for tasks ranging from thinning all the way to harvesting large logs 

Because of the compact design at 20.5 tonnes this all-round harvester can be used for both thinning and final felling.

The width of 2.55m and the tight tail swing allow for professional work in densely wooded areas. The infinitely rotatable upper carriage facilitates the removal of trees in any direction without forfeiting the stability of the machine. The powerful parallel crane enables fast manoeuvring of the harvester head, which results in a higher daily output.

With a slope compensator of +25° at the front and +/- 15° on each side, the entire upper carriage can be levelled. The total lifting and pivoting power of the crane are also fully retained in rugged terrain.
The tested safety cabin was developed in accordance with the most recent ergonomic science and allows for fatigue-free operation for the driver. 

The optional use of various chain strands applies the power of the drive unit firmly to the ground.  The optimal weight distribution allows for extremely slight ground pressure, which has a positive effect on the forest area.

Due to its better hydraulic power (a separate pump for the harvester head) and the parallel crane the 183HVT achieves a much higher cutting output in comparison to traditional excavator harvesters (construction machinery).

All components are compatible with one another and therefore guarantee that work will be efficient and save fuel. The use of high-quality products guarantees a long service life with low operating and maintenance costs


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