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Steep slope processing

Steep slope processing

Nothing is too steep for them. The originals will always find their way.

Opinions differ with respect to steep slopes. Neuson Forest is your specialist for the most difficult part of the route. Our machines perform efficiently and reliably, particularly when it becomes too steep for others. With a slope compensator of +25° at the front and +/- 15° on each side, the entire upper carriage can be levelled at its full lifting and pivoting power. Due to the optional dozer blade stability is improved on steep terrain. Therefore, trees can be removed without difficulty even if the crane ranges are large. Compact, mobile and extremely capable of climbing - in a tested safety cabin and with an infinitely rotatable upper carriage you can expect a reliable, safe performance from our machines.

Due to the powerful drive and the resulting high tractive force of the chains a climbing capability of up to 30° is attained by the machine. Additional support und stability are provided by the dozer blade when the machine is working on steep terrain.

The slope compensator that is incorporated in the machine enables the upper carriage to be tilted forward by +25° and laterally by +/- 15°. In this way, the work is made considerably easier and at the same time the cutting output is increased enormously. The extremely low centre of gravity of the harvester and the slope compensator ultimately lead to greater stability when work is being performed on a steep landscape and no other machine of this kind can be compared with that.

The low centre of gravity, the large counterweight to the crane and the big footprint when the weight of the machine is distributed optimally ensure that the machine will never forfeit stability or tip over with a maximum crane range of up to 12.5m.

Stability can be increased even more for work in sloping terrain or on rocky ground by the use of special chains.