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Waldbau Stackelitz-Harz GmbH

Категория: 133 HVT

Waldbau Stackelitz-Harz GmbH is a company in Sachsen Anhalt (Germany).The Stackelitz group is a full service provider in the environmental and forestry sector. In the areas of landscaping and horticulture, forestry services, forestry production,...[подробнее]

All-round machine 183HVT - from steep slope to wet surface

Категория: 183 HVT

All-round machine 183HVT "from the steep slope to wet surface (soft soil) operation all with one machine"Mr. Florian Haas - Founder and Managing Director of Haas Forstbetrieb - has been working in forestry since 2000. Since 2004 he has...[подробнее]

Silvana forestry service

Категория: 183 HVT

SILVANA Forstservice is a forestry full-service provider in the Most- and Mühlviertel region in Austria. They not only have the most up-to-date technical equipment to deal with all challenges in the forestry but also have the best trained...[подробнее]